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Not sending and using lots of words, but playing. Stimulate the imagination, explore possibilities and find solutions. Learn through play, remember better.


In gamification, you use game elements to motivate players and enrich their experience. Of course, the principle of gamification is not new; we have been playing games for centuries. Playing together proves to be an effective way to entice, motivate and engage.


Storytelling is an inspiring communication methodology that connects people. Storytelling is the way people give meaning to their existence, pass on knowledge, learn behaviors and understand their history and future.

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Main message

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Proposal Narrative, Setting Budget

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Experience Your Story

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Your story

We connect people in a fun and interactive way. We develop an online experience with your look and feel, where your players get started onboarding. Via email or via an assistant, assignments come in. Through an integrated live video connection, the players will search for a product together, solve a problem or find a colleague. An experience that stimulates to really get going with your message.

An example

Inspiration case: PROPONENT

America's president's plane is stuck at an airport in Paris, France, due to a malfunction. The malfunction requires a part that is not in stock in Europe. The president must leave in no more than 24 hours and alternative means of transportation are not available. The security department has contacted your director, who asks you, as a team, to make sure to locate the part and deliver it to the Paris security department within 20 hours.


In teams of up to 5 people, colleagues will explore the organization's core values, see the executive team, get to know the organization's sales and logistics processes and learn that every customer is king. To elaborate your story, we use existing social channels (website, facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter) and film and photo material of the organization.



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