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What is gamification

Gamification is a way of rewarding people for exhibiting desired behaviors. It is more than using game elements and game techniques in a non-game environment. It is primarily used to playfully change behavior, transfer knowledge and create engagement. Read all about what is Gamification and the definition here.

Examples of gamification

We would like to give some examples of gamification that are very successful to clarify the concept of gamification. 30 million times the PokemonGo app has been downloaded. An application that encourages users to go outside with friends, walk to parts of their environment they don't normally visit, meet new people and get some exercise in the meantime. Another example is the piano stairs in Stockholm. By adding sound to the steps of a staircase in a subway station, 66% more travelers found taking the stairs, rather than the escalator, more enjoyable. To reduce air pollution at Virgin Atlantic Airways, captains were given weekly fuel performance information and personalized performance goals. Over 40,000 flights, emissions were reduced by 21,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.


Gamification in businesses

To successfully deploy gamification at companies, it is important to secure the following principles:

What is the goal, what is the reward
What is the way to the goal
Instant feedback on progress

Gamification at RiddleStory

We see gamification at RiddleStory as the ideal solution to making boring onboarding processes fun. Starting a new job should be energizing, but too often we see people getting numb in the first few days because of the enormous amount of information coming at them. In addition, onboarding processes are often enormously time-consuming for employers, and the content of a process is very much dependent on the interpretation of the person doing it on behalf of the company. Only 1 in 10 employees think their organization does a good job with onboarding.

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Gamification and assesment

Gamification and assessment is about the development of games to measure job-relevant competence. Many times it is a translation of the last stage in the traditional selection process, where the external assessment consists of psychological tests, answering questions, conducting interviews and showing how you react in certain situations. Gamification assessments allow candidates to play a simple series of engaging games. Job suitability is measured on ability to work with information, ability to work with people and personality and work style.

At RiddleStory, we like to think along how we can translate your assessment into an online experience, where the story of your company is central, but you also get insight into the iq, eq and sq of the potential employee.

Gamification and onboarding

Experiences on the first day of work should be filled with remarkable moments, which is why we believe gamification and onboarding is an ideal combination. Creating a memorable experience not only makes a lasting impression and creates employee loyalty, but also encourages employees to recommend their employer, both online and offline. Our goal is to ensure that new employees leave after their first day thinking "I belong here and the work I do, and I as a person, are important to the organization."

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RiddleStory deploys gamification for onboarding, reboarding and preboarding

Deploy gamification for onboarding, reboarding and preboarding that is our premise. Under the motto "FROM PASSIVE DISCOVERY, TO ACTIVE DISCOVERY," we translate important events in the employee journey into stories with impact! We create memorable moments for the employee.

Think assignments that follow a storyline, virtual rewards, insight into progress and a leaderboard with team results. Powerful stories make employees feel a stronger connection to your organization. By actively engaging with the information, it is remembered much better. Check out our case studies for an impression of some of the stories we have developed for our clients.

Gamification with RiddleStory is broadly applicable. A minimum of experience with computers and software is required to play the stories. The difficulty and content of the challenges is customized to the target audience. Check out our onboarding markets.

The cost of gamification assessment by RiddleStory is eur 5,000. This does not include costs for the development of any film and photo material or designs. It includes a brainstorming session, development of a unique storyline, devising the challenges and technical development.

The use of gamification of an onboarding program by RiddleStory, means that we start working with your story. You indicate what is important in it and what the target audience is and we translate that into a story. The story is completely customized. Compare for example the elaboration of Maqqie and Proponent.

There is a big difference between e-learning and gamification. E-learning is defined as learning using electronic channels. You watch something online and may be asked questions about the material afterwards. It's as simple as that. With gamification, techniques are used to keep you, the player, continuously engaged. It's much more active, fun, much less boring and research shows that using game elements helps increase engagement and motivation. Also read more about what is E-learning here.

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